Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Favorite Nissan Dealers

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Finding a Nissan Dealer is pretty easy these days with the internet. There are tons of websites that hold thousands of inventory listings for awesome Nissan models. Looking good in a new car is probably one of the best feelings in the world. You are feeling very confident and proud of your purchase, and why shouldn't you be? I have quite a few reasons that Nissan is my favorite vehicle. The way it looks, drives and feels are imperative to my decision. Nissan has always felt like a magnificent car, and looks fantastic as well. If you are new to California or are just looking for a new dealership, I would look into either the Riverside Nissan dealership or La Quinta Nissan. Both are very professional, reputable and established dealerships and will have trained salespeople available to help you decide on your new or used car. I first moved to California a couple years ago and had absolutely no idea as to where to go for a new car. My old one was running out of both miles and steam, so after I got settled into my home, I researched a couple different dealerships that could possibly help me. The different dealerships that I decided to visit were Riverside Nissan and the La Quinta dealerships (hence the title of this article). When visiting Riverside, I noticed that their inventory lot was very vast. There was a great selection of both new and used cars available and of course I took my time looking at both sides. I had never been able to decide whether a new car or used car would be better, but I was able to decide that used vehicles would fit my lifestyle better. I mean, I don't buy cars for their appearance or to "pimp them out". A car for me is just to get to work and run errands, so basically anything that wasn't about to blow up suited me just fine. I ended up going with a used Nissan Altima and I am so happy with my decision. Both Riverside and La Quinta Nissan had fine businesses, La Quinta Nissan had a very nice list of specials and deals they were offering. That is another important thing for me, because when I choose a dealership, I want to make sure that it is not only affordable, but that it is a financially smart decision as well. Regardless of the dealership, I absolutely love my Nissan and I look absolutely fabulous in it. You should try out the feeling! I never thought a car could give me confidence, but Nissan proved me wrong in that regard.