In-depth Equity Research, Tailored to Your Interests
Premier focus on M&A and shareholder activism


Theoretically, the probability of generating abnormal stock market returns in rational markets becomes limited over time; however, in practicality, there are ways to beat the market by focusing on specialist areas. Put differently, information asymmetries and barriers to information--whether through behavioral anomalies or limited coverage--enable one to beat the market.

This is what the The Takeover Analyst's Custom Research was created for:  to give investors access to event-driven information not readily available--and to do so at a low cost. The focus is on shareholder activism and strategic analysis, specialist areas that allow for generating stock returns to the right of the bell curve.

And we will tailor the research according to your interests. If there are certain stocks that you wanted us to analyze and give price targets for, we would be happy to do that under a service contract at an affordable cost.